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Welcome to Control4 South Africa

At Control4, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the home automation revolution. Our innovative products and services are designed to simplify your life and give you full control over your home. From advanced security to home entertainment and everything in between, we offer customised solutions to suit your lifestyle.

With our smart home solutions, you can experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, security and control.

Transform Your Home
with Control4

With the help of a certified Control4 smart home pro, you can unlock the full potential of your home and experience the future of modern living. Our team of handpicked and vetted experts will work with you to design and install a customised home automation solution that meets your specific needs and budget, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a smart home without any of the hassle.

Experience The Magic Of A
Smart Home for Yourself

In our Control4 Official Experience Centre, our professionals demonstrate incredible smart home solutions such as automated blinds, whole-home voice control, smart lighting, intelligent security, and more.

Discover the benefits of having a smart home with Control4.
Our solutions offer unprecedented convenience, comfort, security, and control.

The Smart Way to Protect Your Home

Illuminate Your Life with smart lighting solutions

Set the mood for every occasion with our intuitive lighting solutions. From dimming to colour control, you can create the perfect ambiance with ease. Our Smart Lighting is also a perfect extension to any security system. With Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you’re away. Our lighting solutions are also energy-efficient, which means you can save money on your electricity bills.

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Entertainment with one touch

Create the ideal ambiance for relaxation and music enjoyment with ease. A single touch or a simple voice command triggers a series of actions: the lights gently dim, the shades descend, the music gracefully begins, and the front door securely locks, allowing you to immerse yourself in the enchantment.

Simplify your family movie nights effortlessly. A simple tap of the “Movie” button initiates a seamless sequence: the screen descends, the projector springs to life, the sound system cues up, and the lights gracefully dim. Streamline your viewing experience by replacing multiple remotes with a sleek, sophisticated, and user-friendly alternative that the entire family can navigate with ease.

A smarter remote for the smartest home

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