When it comes to the topic of home automation, you probably wonder what it is and if you really need it. First and foremost, home automation is technology that creates a safer, more convenient, and more comfortable home environment. It will save you time and frustration and will also boost your home’s security. Do you need it? Quite frankly, in this day and age, you do!

Do you need to know more about the benefits of Control4 smart home systems in order to make an informed decision? You have come to the right place. Below is a brief list of some smart home system components and how they work together to bring a plethora of advantages to the homeowner (and other’s living with you):

  • Home intercom systems
    Old home intercom systems of yesteryear featured closed-circuit systems with a push button, whereas modern smart home intercom systems use the same technology as current smartphones and tablets. This means that you can always see and hear what is happening within your home and you can always make use of the intercom system without having to push a physical button or even be inside the home.
  • Home security
    Now you can be in complete control of your security system. You can monitor your CCTV cameras remotely (from anywhere), unlock and lock your doors for family members and guests, chat to courier companies delivering goods to your door, and even monitor insights into who is coming and going during the day, and at what times.
  • Music to your ears, instantly
    Have you ever been able to tell your sound system to play your favourite playlist? Well, now you can. Set up the system to know your music preferences and play what you want, when you want to with the mere mention of it. What’s great about this particular feature is that you can listen to different playlists in each room of the home.
  • Smart lighting that works with you throughout the home
    Smart lighting can be programmed to pre-set modes. This means that you can set the lighting in the kitchen to make dinner, put the kitchen to sleep when dinner is ready, and turn on the dining room lighting, as well as dim the lighting for a movie. All of this can be done with the tap of a button or with a quick voice command.
  • Talk to yourself… okay, not really!
    Talk to Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa makes it possible to talk to your smart home system to control all features. This means that you can tell Alexa to change settings for the security, lighting, appliances, home entertainment, and more.

If you are going to transform your home into a real smart home, then Control4 systems are the way to go. We can certainly tell you more about them and ensure that you know precisely where to get yours, in your own area. To learn more about smart home systems and their benefits, chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants today.