See brilliant possibilities come to life with smart lighting. Be energy efficient, while adding elegance, style, ambience and ease to your home.

Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire home with a single touch or by simply using a voice command. And, when you’re not home, allow smart lighting to be the gatekeeper of your security, by giving the appearance of a home being occupied with alternating lighting throughout the night.

With your home’s lighting responding perfectly to your lifestyle, the possibilities are endless!


Add sophistication with wireless lighting in sleek colour configurations, guaranteed to complement the aesthetics of your living space. You can control more than just lighting though. Customisable buttons allow you to control your music, movies and much more with just one press. Turn the lights on or off in multiple rooms, or the entire house, with one tap, or use a hands-free option and allow motion sensors to do the work. Illuminate or turn lights off when nobody is in the room, and when you’re away from home, you can alternate the lighting to give the appearance of the home being occupied. So, enjoy your holiday, smart lighting has you covered.


This is home automation at its most brilliant. With Control4 Smart Lighting, you can have immediate out-of-the box voice control of your lighting with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices. Instruct Alexa to lower the lights to 50% in the dining area to create instant ambience, light the way when you walk into the house with your arms full, or simply give the instruction for Alexa to turn off every light in the house when you’re snugly under the covers and ready for a good night’s sleep.


If you’re building a new home or you are busy remodelling, centralised lighting is the perfect solution. It allows you to move your lighting controls to anywhere you want in the home, permitting you to replace outdated switches with modern, sophisticated keypads. Customised buttons not only give you one-touch control of all your lighting, but also your entertainment, security, temperature and more.


Outdoor entertaining is a way of life in South Africa, but security concerns can often hamper our enjoyment. Our smart lighting solutions know no boundaries. From under the roof of your home, to under the stars, activate stunning exterior lighting on your deck, or emphasise a water feature, swimming pool or entertainment area. These lights can be set to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, thus saving you electricity. And, to ensure the family is safe and protected while enjoying the extent of your superbly-lit outdoor areas, you can set perimeter lights to flash if the alarm system is triggered, thereby alerting you to unusual activity. Control4’s Smart Lighting isn’t called smart for nothing.