smart home automation

South Africans are on the brink of a fantastic new era. Our society is one of the most advanced on the continent and is now enjoying the same developments as first-world countries. We are moving forward with business growth, education, medicine, and now – thanks to some innovative brands – technology. We have already seen a rise in popularity of smart home automation as consumers are becoming more aware of its benefits. The wonderful thing about the technology is that it is entirely customisable and will suit just about any residence or business, regardless of the size.

If you have never before heard of a smart home, then this is the perfect place for your introduction. While smart automation may sound like a tricky concept, it is primarily based on centralising a building’s systems for ease of use. These systems include everything from security measures to lighting, which is essential to how we manage our households. Labour-intensive tasks, such as setting each alarm at night or switching on the sprinklers, are now so accessible you can do it all from a user-friendly interface.

Climate Control and Living in Luxury

South African winters are rather chilly, and the summers are sweltering. On your way home from a long day at the office, you can already begin warming up or cooling your house down from your phone. You can also assist your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system through the use of smart blinds that open and close according to the temperature and light outside, which will make your household far more energy efficient.

Effortless Lighting

One touch or simple voice command, and you have dimmed your lights by 50%. If you find yourself out of town for a while, you can feign occupancy with a schedule that will randomly light rooms in your home and keep intruders at bay. The smart lighting solutions respond to your lifestyle, routines, and needs.

Outdoor Convenience

If you have guests coming over, you can quickly get the Jacuzzi warmed up and switch off the sprinklers without the need to go outside. Everything from outside lighting, gate access, and irrigation systems that work with the weather is now possible.

Entertainment Made Easy

One of the best perks that comes with smart home automation is how easy it makes your at-home entertainment. Use your tablet to dim the lights, shut the shades, and turn up the volume on movie nights, or set the tone with some music in every room during parties. Regardless of where you are in the house, you can keep up with your favourite music, shows, and movies.

Total 24-Hour Control

Whether your residential security involves alarms, camera surveillance, strict access control, or intercoms, you can now access each system with the swipe of your finger. Now, there is no need to go to open the door to see who is there – you can just view the camera footage from wherever you are in the world.

South African homeowners all around the country are currently enjoying the leisure and simplicity that comes with integrated automation platform – and you can too.