Smart Home

Smartphones have gained a lot of attention and mainstream favour over the past few years, with most people now owning or having access to one. Who could have guessed how quickly cellphones would develop? Moving in the same direction is the smart home.

While we are far from artificial intelligence robots that run our houses for us, home automation still comes pretty close. If you are curious about how this kind of technology can enhance your living, we can help to make sense of it for you.

What It Entails

A smart home makes use of a control centre (such as an app on your phone or chosen device) to remotely access and regulate the automated systems within your house. The best part about this control is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, which makes managing your household a breeze.

Entertainment Is Easy

If you enjoy having family and friends over for gatherings and celebrations, then a smart home will do all the hard work for you. From one device, you can access and control all your speakers, television sets, and even lighting systems to have each guest entertained and engaged, regardless of where in the house they are.

Optimise Your Comfort

Do you want to wake up to a warm house during winter? Or maybe you would like to turn the sprinklers on without venturing outdoors at night. Automation of these systems means that switching them on and off does not require manually doing anything – you simply touch a button and you are set.

Reliable Security for Peace of Mind

If a bump in the night wakes you, there would be no way of knowing what caused it without getting up to investigate. An automated security system lets you monitor everything that is going on in and around your house through the use of armed alarms and video monitoring right from your app.

No More House Sitters

Those who love to travel often know the struggle of finding a suitable house sitter. Smart technology reduces this need because now you can monitor your home at any time, and even set up a mock occupancy routine where automated blinds, curtains, music, and televisions will activate at random to let prospective criminals know that someone is home.

Control4 Does it All

The process of planning for and installing smart home technology may intimidate you, and for this reason, it is always best to leave it up to the experts. Control4 not only provides all the above services and more, but we will also provide you with a trained home automation specialist to help guide you regarding which products would accommodate your lifestyle the best. Regardless of your budget or preferences, Control4’s integrated central control system can work for you.

As industry leaders in smart home innovation, Control4 can take practically any system in your house and customise it to your needs. If you are eager to start your journey into modernisation, comfort, and reliable security, contact us today.