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Reliable security is not just for banks and supermarkets. It has become important to all of us. Burglar bars, razor wire, electric fences and alarms regularly prove to simply not be good enough to protect us, our homes and our possessions from a determined criminal.

In response, Control4 now offers a range of hi-tech products to upgrade your home or business security to a level better able to handle the tougher demands of life in the 21st century. Replacing your old-fashioned locks could be a good start. Our automated, motorised deadbolts are easy on the eye and, because they can be checked and operated from anywhere, you could, for instance, let your housekeeper in or out even if you’re at the office.

Automating garage and driveway access, and adding a video surveillance system is simple and, with a Control4 home automation system, your smartphone receives incoming alerts and provides remote control.

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