The Heart of Your Connected Home

Smart homes need a reliable, robust networking solution.

Today’s smart homes are buzzing with automation; a multitude of connected devices each hijacking bandwidth from the home’s network. With an increasing reliance on streaming services throughout the home, it is critical to have a high performing network.

Regardless of whether you only have a few devices online or an abundance of devices connected, Control4’s Pakedge networking solutions feature the highest quality products, all customised for the unique requirements of your connected home and lifestyle.


All your connected devices and services – from your Netflix account and Xbox, to your iPads – will work reliably at all times with Pakedge networking.

Traffic is prioritised for a seamless and consistently reliable experience for the entire family and throughout the home. Gone are interruptions to email and internet searches while concurrently streaming movies or music. Cameras, intercoms and all other online devices perform as they should, all the time.


Control4’s Pakedge network loves a challenge. So, it evolves with your changing needs. As you add more devices, subscribe to more services or add more users in the home, the Pakedge network simply continues to function as an always-on foundation for your connected lifestyle. Traffic segmentation ensures that nobody in the family ever misses a beat with exactly what they choose to connect to.

It gets even smarter. In more advanced homes, with a great deal of streaming devices, cameras and more robust audio/video requirements, your dealer can manager your network for you. By proactively pre-empting issues, your dealer will fix these remotely, before you’re even aware of them.

It’s like having an IT specialist on call 24 hours a day. We’ve got your tech worries sorted – fast and smart.


Quite simply, the Pakedge networking products from Control4 allow you to get the most out of your home network. Designed specifically for the connected home, these products deliver superior wireless performance and offer the most dependable routers and switches available.

Experience and enjoy incredibly high speeds, elevated traffic flow and products designed to eliminate lag, jitter and buffering in audio and video traffic. No frustration and unnecessary waiting.