Lighting Automation

Lights can do more than help us see in the dark. Changing their brightness transforms the ambience of a room to suit the occasion. For instance, you need subdued light to enjoy a home movie or a romantic meal, but more to read. Sometimes you need to limit your lighting to certain areas, like a desk when you want to study. Instead of darting from room to room, flicking switches and adjusting dimmers, Control4 offers the means to manage all of your lighting remotely. With a tap on a keypad or touchscreen, our wireless switches and dimmers let you set the mood for that movie or turn off every light in the house, from the comfort of your bed. If you’re thinking about home automation, our managed, wireless lighting solution could be a great start. Combined with Control4 products to manage climate, security and home entertainment, you will enjoy one-touch control of your family home.

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