Are you ready for a life-changing experience? All it takes is the right home automation system and you may just find that your life is never the same again. The popularity of smart home systems in South Africa is enough evidence that the nation is realising the convenience, comfort, and improved lifestyle that home automation systems and products can provide.

We all have to go through the motions of running a household. We have to switch the lights on and off, activate/deactivate the security system, access our favourite media playlists, lock and unlock doors, and open and close curtains. While these sound like small or somewhat trivial tasks, when all you want to do is chill out, all these little things add up.

Reduce Your Daily Stress

Just a few years ago, some people couldn’t even fathom the concept of a home being automated and now, it’s a reality that’s upon us. In fact, it’s a reality that is improving the quality of life for people across the globe.

As with all good things in life, there are risks involved. As home automation is becoming more popular in South Africa, it’s important to ensure that you set up your system in such a way that you can truly enjoy every aspect and feature of your new home automation system.

Keep Your Home Automation System Safe & Secure

To ensure that your home automation system only has a positive impact on your life, make sure that you set it up to be as safe and secure as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when installing and setting the system up.

• Only trust reputable home automation brands that have a reputation for their great security features.

• Keep all the smart home apps up to date to ensure that you have the latest security features at all times.

• Change the default password of both your home automation software, as well as the router that the system connects to.

• Safeguard your home against potential hackers. Set your home’s Wi-Fi network to private, so that it cannot be seen by anyone. Your family members can still access the network by knowing what network name to search for.

• Monitor the IP log for your CCTV cameras. If an unknown IP address has accessed your camera footage, it can mean that your security has been breached.

• Ensure that the best possible security features are activated on your system. The consultants at Control4 will ensure that your system is secure, and doesn’t expose your family and valuables to unnecessary risk.

Get Home Automation Systems & Components at Control4

If you wish to spruce up your home while adding to its comfort and convenience, Control 4 home automation systems are the right choice for you. Need more information and advice? Contact us via email or telephone today.