Climate Control

Smart homes were always considered a thing of the future – a future which only wealthy celebrities and affluent business owners could afford. Recent times, however, have proven that smart homes are now more accessible and affordable.

Home automation utilises advanced technology to simplify everyday living. Manual tasks, such as checking security features, climate control, and even opening blinds are all actions that take up time that you could spend doing something more important.

With Control4’s extensive smart home solutions, you will wonder why you never thought to install a home automation system before. If you are still looking for reasons to invest in this revolutionary technology, below are five that will streamline the way you live – all through an interface that is accessed through the device of your choosing.


Whether you live alone or with your family, entertainment in the form of movies, television programmes, and music is a massive part of everyday living. What if you could control the music played outside at the party, the kids’ shows in the lounge, and that home video you want to show your guests all at once, from one device? Control4 takes the fuss out of home entertainment by connecting you to every component through your phone, tablet, or in-wall interface.

Smart Lighting

You may not realise that lighting plays a vital role in how you manage your household. Whether opening and closing blinds, switching off those garden lights in the morning, or putting the lights on when you walk into a room, you can now eliminate the need to use dozens of switches in your home.

Comfort, Convenience, and Climate Control

Imagine driving home on a cold winter’s evening and dreading the freezing house you are about to enter. With Control4, you can use a geo-location feature to warm up the home before you arrive. This kind of technology can be pre-set to regulate everything from climate-control features, such as air conditioners, blinds, underfloor heating, and even automated fireplaces. Climate regulation is about more than just tampering with the thermostat when you need to – it’s about a home that is smart enough to sense the outdoor temperature and adjust the inside temperature before you know you are too cold or too hot.

Security Features

If advanced climate control is not impressive enough, then Control4’s superior safety and security systems are sure to win you over. Don’t lose peace of mind trying to remember if you locked the garage or not. Simply install an automated security system which allows you to arm and disarm alarms, lock doors, send you breach alerts, monitor your home through video, and set up a Mockupancy™ system to simulate everyday activities in your home while you are away on vacation.

Home Networking Systems

Do you need to orchestrate all of the above systems with each of your devices and networks? No problem. Control4 is customised to suit your home’s needs in order to make managing a busy household a breeze – regardless of where in the world you are.

If you are interested in home automation features such as climate control, reliable security, and ultimate convenience, contact us for assistance on how to make it possible