Make Your Entertainment System the Smartest with Control 4

Control 4 - Entertainment Systems

Some people steer clear of their home entertainment room. One look at their media cabinet will tell you why: too many remotes, wires, inputs, and buttons mean playing that DVD is far too much effort. Complicated and exhausting, fully equipped home theatres come with a lot of components which quickly lose their novelty when it takes you twenty minutes just to find the right remote. What if pushing “play” was as simple as pressing a single button? At Control4, we believe in effortless home entertainment. If relaxing on the couch without first setting up your system each time sounds like a dream, keep reading.

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5 Cutting-Edge Ideas for Modernising Your Home

Blind Automation

If you want yours to be a home that breaks new ground in how well it serves you, then there is no better time to update it than the present. Home automation within the country is still in its growing phase, but this year has seen an increase in demand. Now, you can be the envy of all your friends, family members, and neighbours with smart home living solutions that streamline your life, save energy and money, and place you at the forefront of residential technological advancements. From simple blind automation to total orchestration of each system within your home, here are five ideas on how you can modernise your household.

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Why Smart Home Automation Is a Must-Have for Every South African Household

smart home automation

South Africans are on the brink of a fantastic new era. Our society is one of the most advanced on the continent and is now enjoying the same developments as first-world countries. We are moving forward with business growth, education, medicine, and now – thanks to some innovative brands – technology. We have already seen a rise in popularity of smart home automation as consumers are becoming more aware of its benefits. The wonderful thing about the technology is that it is entirely customisable and will suit just about any residence or business, regardless of the size.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Automated Blinds with Control4’s Smart Lighting Features

Automated Blinds

In modern homes, ease of living and energy efficiency are two essential aspects which most homeowners strive for. A passive house, known as an energy-saving standard by which to build and live in a home, is a wonderful ideal but difficult for many to achieve. One way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint is to install automated blinds on all the windows within your residence. Smart shades come with several benefits and coupled with Control4’s smart lighting features, you may never need a heater or air conditioner again.

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Here’s How Modern Technology Is Streamlining Everyday Living

Smart Home

We live in a world of self-driving cars and miracle medical cures – welcome to the future. With so many technological advancements rolling out on an almost daily basis, it’s easy to get left behind. If you would like to keep moving with the times, then smart home living is your best bet. This means upgrading your lifestyle as better systems are released, and staying up to date with the latest news and trends in science and technology. While it may be impossible to implement or purchase every new piece of tech, you can begin by modernising your home.

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6 Ways to Update Your Home-Cinema Experience

Home Cinema

Getting the most out of your home cinema means that you can enjoy a movie, series, or show the way the creators wanted you to see it. Your viewing pleasure is more than just the brand of speakers you buy. Picture, sound, ambience, and comfort all add to this experience. Improving those movie nights and rugby game gatherings is not complicated. With the right guidance, you will be well on your way to never wanting to leave your lounge again. For six tips on making the most of your home cinema, keep reading below.

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Smart Lighting and Blind Automation Will Simplify Your Life

Blind Automation

Even without fully installing smart home features into your living space, most households are already moving towards more convenient lifestyles. Food delivery apps, voice-activated texting, and even autonomous vacuum cleaners have taken our ease of living to the next level. A system as simple as lighting, then, is not beyond the innovation of smart home technology. If you plan on renovating your home, one of the best ways to update your life is through smart lighting and blind automation.

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Improve Your Living Room Entertainment with an Automated Home Theatre

Home Theatre

The only thing better than a home theatre is an automated home theatre, and Control4 knows how to introduce it to each residence. If you are ready to upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits that come along with automated entertainment, then you could not have picked a better place to start. Make comfort and convenience your standard of living with our exciting range of solutions.

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Why Every South African Household Needs Home Automation

Home Automation

The world is quickly moving forward from a technological standpoint, and South Africa is finally catching up to the scene. Phones, computers, cars, and entertainment systems are all improving, and we keep up with these changes. The newest form of lifestyle innovation is, of course, home automation.

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Get the Most Out of Your Smart Home with Control4’s Specialised Features

Smart Home Network

If you have not yet jumped on the train of smart innovation, then it may be time to do so. Smart automation is taking the way homeowners live their lives by storm, and you do not want to be caught without it. In order to keep up with the technological advancements and trends – and avoid getting left behind in the stone age – you will do best to partner with a brand that understands the homes of the future.

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