Home Theatre

The only thing better than a home theatre is an automated home theatre, and Control4 knows how to introduce it to each residence. If you are ready to upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits that come along with automated entertainment, then you could not have picked a better place to start. Make comfort and convenience your standard of living with our exciting range of solutions.

We consider this cutting-edge technology to be the “new normal”, and it is certainly accessible enough that you too can enjoy it. While features like security and control over your utilities make it functional, automated entertainment systems are what make it fun.

Entertainment Simplified

Are you tired of all those remotes and buttons that seem to add nothing but clutter to your coffee tables and cabinets? One remote control (on an actual remote or device of your choice) is all it takes to control all your household’s electronic systems. Everything from your satellite television to your music library is accessible and easy to navigate – you will never waste time setting up systems again.

You Decide Where

With these advanced solutions, your entertainment is no longer reserved for your living room. Now, your whole house can be a home theatre in which you can choose to play your playlist in every room. Not only does this make braais, parties, and family gatherings easy events to manage, but your house will become the new hotspot for all special occasions in the future.

A Must-Have for Audiophiles

With the Control4 system, you can stream music from up to 40 streaming services, including iTunes, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify, and Pandora. You can even simultaneously play soft lullabies in the nursery and listen to classical opera while making dinner in the kitchen. This multi-room audio feature makes use of the speakers throughout your house, so high-definition audio is with you all day.

What About Comfort?

The best part about your automated home theatre is that comfort could not be more straightforward. Those family movie nights are now a breeze – one remote draws the curtains, dims the light, and warms up the room. If you remember mid-movie that you left the sprinklers on or did not lock the front door, Control4 allows you to do so without leaving the couch. The whole point of a home theatre is that you get to enjoy the comfort of your house, and automation solutions make this comfort even more appealing.

Turn Your House into a Home

With an automated entertainment theatre, not only will you be excited to come home each day – but you won’t ever want to leave either. Activities, such as going out to the movies or attending those local sports games, are expensive and require a fair amount of planning. With all the immersive action right in your own living room, other forms of recreation will pale in comparison.

Along with leisure, our solutions include everything from lighting to communication, all geared towards making your life easier. If you are ready for innovative living, contact us today to find out more about these products and services.