Blind Automation

If you want yours to be a home that breaks new ground in how well it serves you, then there is no better time to update it than the present. Home automation within the country is still in its growing phase, but this year has seen an increase in demand. Now, you can be the envy of all your friends, family members, and neighbours with smart home living solutions that streamline your life, save energy and money, and place you at the forefront of residential technological advancements. From simple blind automation to total orchestration of each system within your home, here are five ideas on how you can modernise your household.

  1. Upgrade Your Security

Nobody wants to feel unsafe, but most people do not know how to take proper precautions. Many homeowners feel that soaring crime rates are outside of their control and that they are powerless to stop it. With home automation solutions from Control4, you will always be in control – regardless of the time of night or day. Receive alerts when someone enters your gate or if the system detects a leak. Activate or disarm your alarms through the touch of a button. You can even monitor, manage, and view your locking systems, surveillance cameras, and open up for your fast-food delivery 24/7.

  1. Look into Blind Automation

Blind automation is more useful than what many people realise because of how it saves households on lighting and climate control costs. Installing blind automation comes with a few benefits, such as keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as removing the need for cords that get in the way.

  1. Install Wireless or Voice-Controlled Lighting

While blind automation can help with your lighting, you could also install a wireless lighting solution. Make use of a customisable panel of buttons, motion sensors, or even voice-controlled options through smart assistant-enabled devices. If you are planning a total revamp of your home, you could consider centralised lighting that no longer requires you to make use of old, outdated switches that clutter your walls.

  1. Simplify Your HVAC System

Integrating your underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and geothermal systems with Control4’s automated platform means that convenience becomes intuitive. Regulating everything from humidity to temperature is done automatically in response to seasonal and weather conditions, thus allowing for optimal comfort throughout the year.

  1. Connect It All with Pakedge

Several connected devices may result in bandwidth that is unevenly spread across systems that need it. High-performance networks like Pakedge mean that bandwidth traffic is prioritised and segmented, so every family member and room in the house experiences uninterrupted services. Everything from Netflix to your kids’ gaming accounts will function flawlessly with Pakedge.

This may sound like a lot, but one of our professional, smart home specialists will assist you in planning your project – one solution at a time. Whether you begin with blind automation or video monitoring, we will be there every step of the way. To get a quote or book your free demo in Johannesburg, feel free to contact us online.